Corporate Responsibility
Corporate Responsibility

Art in station architecture
Day & Night

Artwork Title:
Day & Night

Artist Name:
Cheung Wai-lok (Hong Kong)

Artwork Location:
South Horizons Station –Entrances/ Exit A & B

Form of Artwork:

Materials :
Digital image printing on glass panels

Artwork Completion Date:
December 2016

Artist's Concept:
Hong Kong is a “concrete jungle”, and this “jungle” is formed by geometries: vertical lines, horizontal lines, squares and circles.

In our city, everything is planned. Even trees, which are supposed to grow in a natural form, are subject to planning and confined to their designated spaces.

However, the vitality of nature is uncompromising.

Aided by sunlight, the silhouettes of trees are projected onto the stiff gridlines of buildings, extending beyond their limitations. These silhouettes are created by sunlight and trees, two of the most wonderful things in nature. When the silhouettes fall on man-made gridlines, they tell the story of the interweaving of man and nature.

Slow down and take a moment to appreciate the beauty in this.