Corporate Responsibility
Corporate Responsibility

Art in station architecture
Soaring Horizon

Artwork Title:
Soaring Horizon

Artist Name:
Karen Pow Cheuk-mei (Hong Kong)

Artwork Location:
South Horizons Station – Platform

Form of Artwork:
Mosaic wall mural

Materials :
Glass mosaics to compose iconic images

Artwork Completion Date:
December 2016

Artist's Concept:
“Soaring Horizon” is a community art collaboration between the Hong Kong Youth Arts Foundation and artist Karen Pow Cheuk-mei depicting the beautiful South Horizons scenery and the daily lives of people living along the coast.

The 40-metre-long artwork is made from more than 500,000 glass mosaic tiles. The seascape view of Ap Lei Chau Island was inspired by the spectacular harbour, the adjoining housing estate and buildings, the iconic floating restaurant, and traditional sampans and fishing boats.

Led by the artist, 120 students from six schools used mosaic techniques to create iconic images from the Southern District, including the Jumbo seafood restaurant, fishing boats and sampans.