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MTR Budding Station Master Programme

The MTR Corporation has launched the MTR Budding Station Master Programme with an aim to enhance students' understanding on the proper ways to use the MTR system, as well as to promote safety and courteous behaviours on the MTR. Primary school students are invited to visit MTR stations to learn about the daily operations of stations and to enhance their awareness on safety and courteous behaviour on the MTR through various interactive sessions, such as visiting the Station Control Room, Customer Service Centre and role-playing the daily duties of station staff.

Students accompanied by teacher and their parents will visit the assigned MTR station during weekend in this two-hour programme. The Programme targets at primary one to six students. Enrolment must be submitted by schools and on a first-come-first-served basis.

Programme highlights

Station staff lead the budding station masters to visit the Station Control Room and Customer Service Centre and introduce the daily station operations.

The budding station masters assist passengers at platforms and promote escalator safety messages to passengers.

For enquiries, please call at 5729 8546.