Corporate Responsibility
Corporate Responsibility

Innovating with the Community

Flagship Programme: Collaborate to Innovate

Hong Kong's competitiveness hinges on the next generation's ability to meet the demand for a highly effective and creative workforce. As a new and more complex operating environment takes shape, both young people and employers are conscious of the gaps between the skills and ambitions of Hong Kong's youth and the demands of a shifting labour market and more technology-driven economy.

As one of the largest employers in the city, and a trusted partner transporting young people to school, to work and to family and social gatherings, MTR Corporation aims to contribute to the development of communities, enhance quality of life, and foster a thriving environment for the people of Hong Kong to live and do business in. As future leaders, young people play an essential role in driving and managing the communities we connect. It is for these reasons that we are focusing our efforts on improving opportunities and inspiring possibilities for young people as they navigate their transition from education to work.

We kicked off our initiative through a Cross-Sector Summit that brought together over 270 stakeholders - young people as well as representatives from the business, education, and NGO sectors - to deepen understanding of the challenges around the journey from education to work for young people. In response to the general agreement that there is a need for greater cross-sectorial collaboration to build effective bridges for "Pathways to Employment", MTR Corporation launched an online Community Innovation Platform to continue the dialogue and facilitate the development of solutions that can address young people's needs.

Through the application of design-thinking, a proven innovation process that combines creative and critical thinking skills to solve problems in a user-centric way, we leveraged the knowledge and expertise in the community to develop innovative and creative solutions to build effective bridges to the world of work for young people. Our aim is to pilot solutions created by and chosen by the community to create collective impact for Hong Kong.