Corporate Responsibility
Corporate Responsibility

Children's Creativity "Hanging" Up High

Exhibition dates: 8.9.2011 - 10.10.2011
Venue: Yau Tong Station

Exhibition dates: 13.10.2011 - 21.11.2011
Venue: Sai Wan Ho Station
Co-organised with: TREATS

Press Release Content:
Whoever thought that even the most ordinary household clothes hanger could be transformed into an art piece in its own right? With a pinch of imagination and an open mind for creation, the originality and potential of children of all ages and background are unleashed through the "art in mtr - roving art" exhibition entitled "Children's Heart - Creative Hanger Charity Action." The 30 selected real hangers and drawings being showcased in the exhibition convey the importance of appreciating family, friends and the environment.

Co-organised with TREATS, this "art in mtr - roving art" exhibition will allow passengers to share the meaningful vision of giving every child the chance to live and participate in an accepting and integrated society. The artworks are being exhibited at MTR Yau Tong Station until 10 October 2011 and will then be displayed in Sai Wan Ho Station from 13 October to 21 November 2011.

The students of the CCC Kei Shun Special School and Sau Mau Ping Catholic Primary School were joined together through art to experience the importance of equal participation and integration.

"It was a joy to see the students' sense of accomplishment and growth through this first-hand learning experience," said Ms Kris Tong, Director of TREATS. "We hope to stimulate their artistic capabilities and individual expressiveness, and also spread the idea of embracing differences and breaking down stereotypes."

"This exhibition serves as a platform to cultivate appreciation and acceptance of diversity within our society starting at a young age," said Mrs Miranda Leung, General Manager - Corporate Relations of the MTR Corporation. "Through the children's artistic creations, the very importance objective of cultivating a harmonious society can be projected out to the community."

"art in mtr - roving art" is an on-going initiative featuring temporary art exhibitions at different MTR stations. About 10 exhibitions are held each year to promote local artistic talent and the public's appreciation of art.

Children's Creativity
Children's Creativity