Corporate Responsibility
Corporate Responsibility

"Art in MTR" Exhibition Spreads the Message of Love Through Paintings and Photos by Talented Lady with Autism

Exhibition dates: 11.10.2017 - 8.1.2018
Venue: Sheung Wan Station & Sai Wan Ho Station
Co-organised with: Ms Chang Man-yan

Press Release Content:
Love can overcome hurdles and break through limitations. The exhibition showcases 16 inspiring and touching photos and watercolour paintings by Ms Chang Man-yan. Diagnosed with autism when she was one year old, Ms Chang aims to promote love and equality, and to give hope to those with special needs through her works displayed at the "Art in MTR" exhibition entitled "Love Light Me Up".

"Sitting still to draw is easy for most people. But it took me many years to achieve this after various treatments and training. Since then, I have discovered my interests in photography and painting. I definitely hope the public will, through the feelings I shared in my artworks, gain a deeper understanding of the challenges and feelings of those with autism," said Ms Chang. "The unconditional love and encouragement from my parents and those who have shown their love and support, act as a shining star guiding my path," she added.

"By showcasing Ms Chang's passion for the arts, we hope to expose the talents of people with special needs, who deserve the respect, love, attention and opportunities as everyone else in the society," said Ms Linda So, Corporate Affairs Director of MTR Corporation.