Corporate Responsibility
Corporate Responsibility

Senior Citizens’ Delicate Paper Quilling Creations Send Best Wishes to Commuters

Exhibition dates: 8.4.2021 - 4.7.2021
Venue: Sheung Wan Station & Sai Wan Ho Station
Co-organised with: LCH Charitable Foundation

Press release content:
Paper quilling is creative and suitable for people of all ages. For senior citizens, it is also a way to keep their minds active and maintain nimble hand movement under the pandemic. The latest “Art in MTR” exhibition from 8 April to 4 July 2021 in Sheung Wan and Sai Wan Ho stations showcases over a hundred paper quilling craftworks made by a group of senior citizens, their carers and volunteers from the LCH Charitable Foundation. The exhibition covers several themes, such as bouncy bunnies and practical household items like phone stands and baskets.

“Besides providing good brain stimulus and hand training for our senior citizens, we hope that commuters will be able to relax and enjoy a moment of pleasure amid our stressful lives in the pandemic when they see these colourful and delicate craftworks,” said Ms Marrina Mak, Chairman of the LCH Charitable Foundation.

“Paper quilling fosters positive attitudes for our senior citizens including self-training, the enjoyment of life and sharing of happiness,” said Ms Linda Choy, Corporate Affairs Director of MTR Corporation. “MTR continuously engages with communities of different segments, including our senior citizens. We always strive to provide a barrier-free and convenient railway network for our ‘old buddies’ to enhance their quality of life and mobility in their elder years,” added Ms Choy.