Corporate Responsibility
Corporate Responsibility

Sustainable Traveller Shares the Beauty of Nature at “Art in MTR” Exhibition

Exhibition dates: 11.10.2023 - 3.1.2024
Venue: Sheung Wan Station & Sai Wan Ho Station
Co-organised with: Mr CK Lee

Press release content:
“Art in MTR” exhibitions have always provided a platform for local artists, bringing public attention to their artworks. Fourteen photos capturing remarkable moments in the sustainable journey of Mr CK Lee, an outdoor enthusiast and amateur photographer, are on display in an “Art in MTR” exhibition entitled “Be a Sustainable Traveller” at MTR Sheung Wan and Sai Wan Ho stations from 11 October 2023 to 3 January 2024. As a promoter of sustainable tourism, Mr Lee has substantially infused his artworks with nature-loving messages.

From East to West, the Earth is the cradle of a multitude of mesmerising terrains across different cultures and geographical boundaries. These amazing sights have stimulated the sensitivity of international travellers towards sustainable tourism, and enabled Mr Lee to showcase the beauty and charm of nature through a sustainable lens, as well as to advocate an eco-conscious and low-carbon way of travelling.

The exhibition depicts scenery from around the globe, inviting visitors to follow in Mr Lee’s own footsteps as he records breath-taking scenes ranging from thousand-year-old dead trees in the desert of Namibia, to endemic species and indigenous creatures in Madagascar, and eventually ending the adventure with a waddle of penguins fleeing from melting ice in Antarctica. The photographic journey meticulously illustrates the beauty of biodiversity in the wilderness and addresses the alarming effects on the ecosystem caused by climate change.

“As a sustainable traveller, I strive to promote the concept of sustainability to the general public, in particular in terms of ecological and environmental conservation. With my personal travel experience, I hope to raise public awareness of the carbon footprint and the importance of protecting the ecosystem when travelling, as well as to appeal for collective action to conserve the environment, otherwise the sceneries captured in the exhibition would perpetually fade out from our sight. Meanwhile, I am grateful that MTR Corporation offers me a platform to display my photos so that the messages on environmental protection can be delivered to a wider audience,” said Mr Lee.

“This series of meaningful photos inspires us to reflect on our relationship with nature during our journeys. The MTR Corporation would like to extend our gratitude to the photographer who proactively promotes messages to combat climate change via his unique perspective, and motivates the passengers to create a sustainable and liveable city together,” said Ms Linda Choy, Corporate Affairs and Branding Director of MTR Corporation.