Corporate Responsibility
Corporate Responsibility

At Our Stations and Properties

We are making our stations as eco-efficient as possible by focusing on reducing our carbon emissions, increasing energy efficiency, protecting important natural habitats, and taking steps to manage and reduce negative impacts from our operations. Across our properties, we apply the internationally recognised BEAM Plus and LEED green building accreditation schemes.

MTR strives to become one of the most resource-efficient and ecologically sustainable railway and property service companies in the world.

What we do

  • Continuously improve energy efficiency
  • Find ways to use resources efficiently
  • Recycle construction waste
  • Reduce our carbon emissions
  • Manage our impacts
  • Maintain Environmental Management Systems
  • Preserve important natural habitats


Where you see it

  • Green roofs and vertical gardens
  • Smarter air conditioning in properties
  • More trees around stations
  • Use of natural light and energy-saving lighting in malls
  • Recycling bins
  • Better chillers in stations
  • More efficient trains


What we care about

  • Providing sustainable transport options and infrastructure
  • Preventing air and water pollution
  • Using resources sustainably
  • Reducing waste
  • Managing climate change
  • Protecting biodiversity