Corporate Responsibility

Supporting Our Communities

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At MTR Corporation, we believe in using our assets, skills and resources to make Hong Kong a place that’s great to live and work. That means making our city more beautiful and more connected by maintaining vibrant and inspiring stations and giving our time to support our communities.




More Time Reaching Community

community connect

To help make our city a great place to live, our employees engage in community service projects that they initiate and implement based on the causes that are important to them through the More Time Reaching Community volunteering scheme. To spread the joy of serving the community, our retirees and staff family members and friends are also invited to help on these projects. The Corporation provides funding, logistics and sometimes training, and projects have benefited the elderly, underprivileged families and children, and the disabled.

Safety Education

Ensuring the safety of our passengers and our neighbours is our priority. Education is integral to doing so. We offer programmes for children so that they could develop safe habits at an early age.