Fighting the Virus
Fighting the Virus

COVID-19 Precaution Report

Installation of lift button sensors

• More than 100 Lifts are equipped with button sensors, to provide contactless set up in reducing the spread of virus.

Deployment of Vapourised Hydrogen Peroxide Robot

• On top of cleaning train compartments with diluted bleach, the "Vapourised Hydrogen Peroxide Robot" will also be deployed to automatically spray atomised hydrogen peroxide of a specific concentration for deep cleaning under special circumstances, providing extra protection for passengers and staff.

Application of Nano-Photocatalyst Coating

• Effective in killing a wide range of bacteria and virus, the coating last for about 2-3 years.

Regular Disinfection

At station

• Station Facilities with high public accessibility such as ticket issuing machines, lift buttons and handrails are cleaned and disinfected regularly with 1:99 bleach water solution every two hours

On train

• When the trains return to the depot every night, every single part and every corner in the compartments including the handrails, seats and glass panels are thoroughly cleaned with 1:99 bleach water solution

• When a train arrives at the last stop, we seize the time to clean the compartments with 1:99 bleach water solution

Frequent Replacement of Filters

• To keep the train compartment clean, air conditioner filters on trains are washed by large-scale cleaner and replaced more frequently

Enhanced Ventilation

• The frequency of fresh air intake in stations is enhanced for better ventilation

Installation of Disinfection Points

• Disinfection points are installed in stations to provide hand sanitiser to passengers

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