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MTR 45TH Anniversary


In October 1979, the first MTR line, the Kwun Tong Line, marked the beginning of our long journey. Through the integrated communities and comprehensive network we have built, we shape the way we move, connect and live in Hong Kong, the city we call home. We add momentum to economic growth and bring people closer together, being part and parcel of our city’s development.

To date, MTR's presence spans from Hong Kong and the Mainland of China to Australia, the United Kingdom, and Sweden. We are committed to Keep Cities Moving – our network carries over 10 million passengers worldwide on safe and efficient journeys every weekday. To our beloved passengers, we are very much an integral part of their life stories as they continue to count on our reliable services to pursue their purposes and aspirations.

Backed by 45 years of solid experience, we will continue to brave the challenges and innovate for excellence and sustainable development. Together, we journey towards a brighter tomorrow.

Witness MTR’s continuous growth over the past 45 years and the countless life stories: click video [here]