carriage of luggage

Conditions of carriage of luggage

Unless it is stated otherwise, these Conditions of Carriage of Luggage ("Conditions") apply to carriage of luggage on the Urban Lines ("URL") of the Mass Transit Railway comprising the Island Line, Kwun Tong Line, Tsuen Wan Line, Tung Chung Line, Tseung Kwan O Line, Disneyland Resort Line, East Rail Line, Ma On Shan Line, West Rail Line and South Island Line. For the purposes of these Conditions, any reference to luggage shall include parcels and any other articles carried by a passenger.


1.1 By-laws and Conditions of Carriage:

Luggage may only be carried on the railway subject to compliance with the Mass Transit Railway By-laws ("Bylaws") and these Conditions. Carriage of luggage other than in accordance with the By-laws and these Conditions may result in prosecution. The MTR Corporation Limited ("Corporation") reserves the right at its absolute discretion to refuse any luggage for carriage on the railway.

1.2 Permitted Limits of Luggage on the URL:

Unless authorized in writing by the Corporation, a passenger travelling on the URL may carry only one piece of luggage and the total dimensions (i.e. length plus width plus height) of that piece of luggage shall not exceed 170 cm and the length of any one side of the luggage shall not exceed 130 cm, provided that a passenger who is the holder of a valid "MTR Carriage of Oversized Musical Instrument Permit" or "MTR Carriage of Oversized Musical Instrument and Sports Equipment Permit" issued by the Corporation may, subject to the terms and conditions of such permit, carry one piece of musical instrument or one piece of sports equipment with total dimensions not exceeding 235 cm and the length of any one side not exceeding 145 cm.

1.3 Measurement of Luggage:

For the purpose of measuring any luggage under these Conditions:
   (a) A passenger may group several small pieces of luggage to form one single piece of luggage.
   (b) In the measurement of the luggage, the longest measurement will be taken. All measurements taken by an official of the Corporation will be final and binding.
   (c) If luggage is carried on a trolley, handcart or similar conveyance these are included in the total measurement

1.4 Inspection of Luggage:

A passenger must produce any luggage for inspection or measurement at any time upon demand by any official of the Corporation. An official of the Corporation may open, examine or measure any luggage without liability of whatever nature for any loss or damage (including consequential and non-pecuniary loss) howsoever arising. The Corporation may, without being liable, remove or dispose of any luggage which might in its opinion cause injury, nuisance or inconvenience to persons or damage to property.


The Corporation shall be entitled to amend these Conditions from time to time by publishing a notice of the proposed amendment and displaying it in the vicinity of ticket sales locations for no less than 7 days before the amendment shall take effect.

The above conditions shall be effective as from 28 December 2016.

General Manager - Legal (O&GB)
Legal íV General Department
MTR Corporation Limited

(These Conditions are issued under By-law 39A of the By-laws. This is also a notice published by the Corporation under By-law 4A of the By-laws.)

(A copy of these Conditions is available upon request from the Customer Service Centres of all MTR Stations.)