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Understanding our Crowd Management Measures

The MTR is Hong Kong's busiest public transport system, and throughout the morning/evening peak hours there will be an increase in the number of passengers using our service. As a result, stations and trains may be very busy and Crowd Management Measures may be used to maintain a smooth passenger flow. This could result in an additional travelling time of 5-10 minutes.

To maintain a smooth passenger flow, we may implement Crowd Management Measures depending on the local situation.

Station Assistants will direct you to line up in locations further along the platform for easier boarding

We will adjust directions of escalators to match passenger flow so you can leave/reach the platform more easily

We may shut down some of the escalators or entry gates to better manage the number of passengers waiting on platforms

If necessary, we will restrict station entry/exit directions to make the flow of passengers smoother

In specific stations we will designate some train cars as exit only (no boarding) to reserve space for the next stations


We will closely monitor the situation and adjust these Crowd Management Measures to minimize any inconvenience you may be caused. So please be patient and follow staff instructions whenever Crowd Management Measures are in place!

Thank you for your understanding and co-operation.