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[MTR Futian Fare Saver] Save $6 on a same-day round-trip to Shenzhen

Between 15 March to 14 September 2024, simply travel by MTR to Shenzhen via Lok Ma Chau Station with an Adult Octopus or a JoyYou Card (aged 60-64) and tap the MTR Fare Saver with the same Octopus within paid area at Futian Checkpoint Station of Shenzhen Metro Line 4 on your return trip to Hong Kong, you can enjoy a $6 discount when interchanging to MTR via Lok Ma Chau Station. If you only take a one-way southbound trip to Hong Kong with MTR, you can still enjoy a $3 discount by tapping your Octopus on the same Fare Saver.

The location map of MTR Fare Saver

Terms and Conditions:

  1. This promotional offer is applicable to Adult Octopus and JoyYou Card (aged 60-64) between 15 March and 14 September 2024.
  2. Passengers are required to follow the steps shown below to redeem the offer:
    • Use the above-mentioned Octopus to take a MTR ride to Lok Ma Chau Station
    • Upon same-day return, tap the same Octopus on the “MTR Fare Saver” at Futian Checkpoint Station (within Paid Area) on Shenzhen Metro Line 4
    • Take MTR from Lok Ma Chau Station and the $6 discount will be received upon exit at destination station
    For those passengers who only take a one-way southbound trip to Hong Kong, they can still enjoy a $3 single-trip discount by tapping the Octopus on the “MTR Fare Saver”.
  3. This MTR Fare Saver is only available during the opening hours of the Futian Checkpoint Station on Shenzhen Metro Line 4.
  4. The offer is valid on the day of redemption and must be used during the opening hours of Lok Ma Chau Station. If more than one Fare Saver discount is recorded on the same Octopus, the last one will be applied.
  5. To enjoy the $6 same-day round-trip discount, the northbound trip must be a paid journey and such transaction must be recorded on the Octopus for an eligibility check during redemption of the offer. Note: Octopus only stores the last 10 transactions, including transportation, retail spending and reloading value.
  6. By taking an interchange journey between East Tsim Sha Tsui and Tsim Sha Tsui stations, the fare discount will apply when exiting at East Tsim Sha Tsui Station.
  7. This offer can be used in conjunction with the “Early Bird Discount”, but the total discounted amount shall not be higher than the rail fare deducted. Please refer to the MTR Website for details of the "Early Bird Discount”.
  8. This offer is not available when taking Airport Express and the Airport Express Free MTR Connections.
  9. MTR Corporation Limited reserves the right to alter or terminate the MTR Fare Saver promotional offer at any time without prior notice.
  10. The Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Ordinance shall not apply to the terms and conditions herein.
  11. MTR Corporation Limited reserves the right to make the final decision in the event of any dispute.

MTR Hotline: 2881 8888