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1) Green & Low Carbon Initiatives

MTR’s Green Ambassador-Green T BabyMTR’s Green Ambassador-Green T Baby

Do you know that despite carrying millions of passengers around town in Hong Kong every day, MTR’s energy consumption accounts for only 3.5% of total transport consumption? As a low-carbon transport provider, we strive to achieving carbon neutrality by 2050 and manages our own environmental footprint with care through a variety of environmental initiatives. These include reducing carbon emissions, using cleaner and more efficient energy, reducing waste at source, and adopting green and low-carbon design.

Green T Baby is knowledgeable about protecting the environment. Green T Baby decided to take a step forward to be MTR’s Green Ambassador, introducing a series of MTR’s green and low-carbon initiatives and green living tips to encourage everyone having a green lifestyle!

Green T Baby: “If you see a seedling on my head, a heart-shaped nose and a bag of magic tricks, that’s me! I come from greenland, knowledgeable about protecting the environment with full of "fun" green ideas; together with a bag of magic tricks delivering a collection of environmental tips! I travel a lot and look forward to saying hi to everyone at stations and online!”

Let’s go green together with Green T Baby and ride into the wonderful future!

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Supporting Development of Renewable Energy

We are committed to energy saving and emissions reduction across railway operations. Plans are in place to install renewable energy systems in suitable stations and depots, in order to support local renewable energy development.

Low Carbon and Green Station Design

We work to integrate environmentally conscious features in our design. For instance, Hin Keng Station adopted a semi-enclosed design enabling optimal natural lighting and cross-ventilation; and the Next Generation Green Roof System has been installed.

In addition, Hin Keng Station has adopted pilot applications for various solar technologies, and introduced eco-brick planters which are made from eco-pavers, a product upcycled from spoil ballast. Please click here for more details on our highlights at Hin Keng Station.

2) Smart Commuting

MTR Mobile

a) “Trip Planner” Function

This provides you with MTR route suggestions and information on connecting to other transportations, bringing greater convenience to your journey planning.

b) Latest News

It is an integrated information platform that enriches your daily lives by providing MTR service information, promotions and diversified contents related to lifestyle, technology and tasty treats, along with a variety of discount offers and benefits.
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c) "Next Bus" Function

This new function provides you with the real-time arrival information of other public transportation services including franchised buses and green minibuses, making your journey easier and more convenient.

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Train Car Loading Indicator

Tuen Ma Line is the first commuter line adopting Train Car Loading Indicator which enables customers to choose and board train cars with more space.

Waiting Time Indicator

This shows the estimated waiting time for designated interchange platforms which is generated based on the passenger flow at busy spots on the platforms, enabling you to better plan your journey. The information is displayed on the Passenger Information Display System in stations during peak hours and it is also available on MTR Mobile.

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Smart Toilets

Passenger toilets in the paid area between Central and Hong Kong stations have been upgraded. The information display at the entrance provides clear indications of real-time toilet vacancy and the air quality in the toilets. Cubicles inside the smart toilets are also equipped with occupancy indicators to specify the availability, providing a better user experience.

Cleaning Robots

New cleaning robots, Big Whale and Little Whale, perform cleaning duties, e.g. floor scrubbing, across the railway network, providing a safe and hygienic commuting environment to our customers.

Station Staff and the Roving Team

Regular training is provided to our station staff to equip them with the skills and knowledge to serve customers with different needs, with the aim of offering caring services to all the passengers.

The Roving Team^ performs duties such as handling passenger enquiries and ticketing issues where assistance is most needed; for instance, at areas near entry/exit gates , to provide proactive and timely services and support to passengers in need.

^provide customer services at selected stations

3) Smart Maintenance

Deployment of Underframe Inspection Robot

This robot can scan the underframe of trains with high efficiency using image recognition and alert maintenance staff for appropriate follow-up, to ensure your every journey to be safe and comfortable.

Data Studio

Application of AI and machine learning to enhance predictive and prescriptive maintenance and maintenance optimisation aims at further enriching customer experience and service reliability.

Smart Train Planning (STP)

This system helps regulate passenger train running mileage by allocating the best service route and timely updating the maintenance and operations schedule through artificial intelligence, to optimise the train utilisation for meeting the increasing service demand.

4) Social Inclusion

Provision of Barrier-Free Access

We continuously improve access and facilities to allow all passengers to travel with ease. Visually impaired passengers can now travel in the MTR accompanied by a guide dog wearing a guide dog harness.

Station is equipped with at least one wide gate for people in need to enjoy train services without the need for assistance.

Providing Seats with Handrails at Stations

Seats with handrails have been installed at the platform or aisle area at stations for people in need to use, so as to provide a more caring service.

Giant Signage

Giant signage is in place to assist passengers in locating directions and guide them for seamless travelling within the railway network.

Babycare Rooms and Breastfeeding Areas

To provide a more comfortable environment for passengers to take care of their babies, babycare rooms with nappy changing mats and breastfeeding areas are now available in the paid area of the concourse at designated stations. Breastfeeding areas are also available at some interchange stations, just seek assistance from our station staff.

Private areas can be arranged in stations without a designated breastfeeding area.

5) New Lines Development

Network Extension

The railway projects will extend MTR’s extensive network to more communities, infuse vitality to the regions and contribute to Hong Kong’s sustainable development by providing commuters with a faster, more convenient and environmentally friendly mode of transport. Through re-provisioning of some of the public facilities with fresh new looks, the railway projects will inject vibrancy into the communities and improve residents’ quality of life.