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TV Series "Keep Cities Moving"

TV Series <Keep Cities Moving>

To promote the development and vision on “Go Smart Go Beyond”, we collaborated with TVB News to produce a 5-episode special programme "Keep Cities Moving", which introduces our efforts in building communities, promoting a green, inclusive and caring society, while actively adopting technology to enhance our service to customers. The 5-episode series features scholars, citizens, railway fans, etc. in the interviews to discuss our contribution to the society and our future plans. Click Here to watch now!

Episode 1
Community Development
The "Railway plus Property" model advocates a people-oriented approach to build, improve and connect different communities. We look forward to new extensions and community development in the future.
Episode 2
Inclusive Mobility
We continue to practice Happy Journey towards Inclusion! Passengers and station staff introduced our barrier-free facilities and related training experiences.
Episode 3
Go Green
Visit and introduce our key green initiatives to support Hong Kong's carbon neutrality by 2050.
Episode 4
Community Engagement
Through the "Legacy Train Revitalization Programme" and MTR Volunteers, we reinforce our commitment to contribute to society by helping different communities.
Episode 5
Smart Commuting
Introduce the smart commuting initiatives and the principles behind them, as we continue to expand smart innovation and technology to provide passengers with a more comfortable and caring travel experience.