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What's New

Single Journey Smart Tickets have fully replaced magnetic tickets

Single Journey Smart Tickets

An upgraded ticket system to enhance your travel experience MTR is always striving for excellence. Now, we have upgraded our magnetic-strip Single Journey Tickets to Single Journey Smart Tickets which will offer you an even more reliable and convenient journey.

To enjoy a hassle-free journey, please remember "Touch & Go" and "Insert & Exit".

Touch & Go Entering the paid area using a Single Journey Smart Ticket is quick and easy. Simply use your Single Journey Smart Ticket to touch the Octopus Processor when passing through the gate.

Insert & Exit As usual, insert your Single Journey Smart Ticket into the ticket slot of the exit gate. If you accidentally try to exit by touching your Single Journey Smart Ticket to the Octopus Processor, an indicator light will remind you.

Ticket information You can use the Enquiry Machines inside MTR stations to check the information on your Single Journey Smart Ticket, such as ticket fare, validity, and other details.

Upgraded performance
Convenient You can use all gates equipped with an appropriate Octopus Processor to enter the paid area with a smart ticket.
Durable Smart tickets are 4 times more reliable than magnetic tickets, and thus more environmentally- friendly.
Reliable Smart tickets are more reliable than magnetic tickets.

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