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Free In-town Check-in Service

For a seamless start to your journey, starting from 1 February 2024, Airport Express passengers can use the In-town Check-in service offered by Cathay Pacific from 6:00am to 11:00pm at Hong Kong Station. This service is only applicable to flights operated by Cathay Pacific (not applicable to codeshare flights operated by other airlines) and is only available to passengers who hold valid electronic travel documents#. For other passengers, please proceed to the Airport for check-in.

Passengers with valid electronic travel documents can check-in^ as early as one full day in advance* and up to 90 minutes before their scheduled flight departure time during the service hours. Passengers must use an Octopus or an Airport Express ticket to enter the In-town Check-in area. The full fare will be deducted at the In-town Check-in entry gate, with no further charges made at the platform entry gate.

Passengers can save time by using the Smart Check-in Kiosks1 in the In-town Check-In area to check-in, collect their boarding passes and luggage tags. Starting from 18 January 2024, passengers can proceed to the Self Bag Drop Counters2 to drop their baggage on their own after completing the check-in process at the Smart Check-in Kiosks, making the whole process even more convenient.

Please note that the In-town Check-in service is not yet available at Kowloon Station or for other airlines.

# Electronic travel documents include, but are not limited to, e-passports, Mainland Travel Permits for Hong Kong and Macao Residents, and Exit-Entry Permits for Travelling to and from Hong Kong and Macao. Please check if your passport cover or permit has the following icon.

EPassport logo

* For direct flights to US destinations, check-in can only start 24 hours before the scheduled flight departure time. For flights to other destinations, please refer to the Cathay Pacific website.

^ In-town Check-in service is available for any passengers whose baggage does not exceed the size of 145cm (length) x 100cm (width) x 85cm (height) and weight of 70kg. For enquiries on baggage size, please check with Cathay Pacific or Airport Express station staff.

1 How to use the Smart Check-in Kiosks
Step 1: Scan your passport or boarding pass to retrieve your flight information
Step 2: Verify your personal information and print your luggage tag
Step 3: Review or select your seat and print your boarding pass (Passengers who have already checked-in can change their seats here)
Step 4: Attach the luggage tag to your baggage
Step 5: Proceed to the Self Bag Drop Counter to drop your baggage

2 How to use the Self Bag Drop Counters
Step 1: Place your baggage on the conveyor belt
Step 2: Scan your face with the camera
Step 3: Follow the instructions on the screen
Step 4: Use the handheld scanner to scan the luggage tag attached to your baggage
Step 5: Collect the claim tag

Please click here or watch the video to learn more.
Please speak to a Cathay Pacific staff if your travel document cannot be read by the Smart Check-in Kiosk.