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Light Rail & Bus Services

Hong Kong's Light Rail network has been an integral part of daily life in the northwestern New Territories since 1988. As more new towns have been established, the Light Rail network has expanded, too. Following the opening of the Tin Shui Wai extension in 2003, the system now covers 68 stops across 36.15kms of track. In addition to serving the growing population of the New Territories, the expanded network also doubles as a feeder service for the MTR at its Tuen Ma Line interchanges at Yuen Long, Tin Shui Wai, Siu Hong and Tuen Mun stations.

To further add to your convenience when using the Light Rail service, the MTR provides feeder bus services to and from many MTR stations in the New Territories. When using your Octopus Card, you will also enjoy an integrated fare system that offers free travel on the feeder bus services that link many housing estates to designated stations.

Interchange Discount
Interchange Station at Tuen Ma Line Tuen Ma Line Interchange with Light Rail Tuen Ma Line Interchange with MTR Bus
Yuen Long
  • 610 Yuen Long Terminus - Tuen Mun Ferry Pier
  • 614 Yuen Long Terminus - Tuen Mun Ferry Pier
  • 615 Yuen Long Terminus - Tuen Mun Ferry Pier
  • 761P Yuen Long Terminus - Tin Yat
  • K65 Yuen Long Station - Lau Fau Shan
  • K74 Tin Shui Wai Town Centre to Au Tau(Circular)
Long Ping Not applicable
  • K66 Long Ping - Tai Tong Wong Nai Tun Tsuen
  • K68 Yuen Long Industrial Estate - Yuen Long Park (Circular)
  • K73 Tin Heng - Yuen Long (West)
  • K74 Tin Shui Wai Town Centre to Au Tau(Circular)
Tin Shui Wai
  • 705 Tin Shui Wai Circular
  • 706 Tin Shui Wai Circular
  • 751 Tin Yat - Yau Oi
  • 751P Tin Yat - Tin Shui Wai
  • K65 Yuen Long Station - Lau Fau Shan
  • K75A Tin Shui Wai Station - Hung Shui Kiu (Circular)
  • K75P Tin Shui - Hung Shui Kiu (Circular)
  • K75S Tin Shui Wai Station - Hung Fuk Estate (Circular)
  • K76 Tin Heng - Tin Shui Wai Station
  • K76S Wetland Park Road (near Tin Kwai Road) - Tin Shui Wai Station
Siu Hong
  • 505 Siu Hong - Sam Shing Terminus
  • 610 Tuen Mun Ferry Pier - Yuen Long Terminus
  • 614 Tuen Mun Ferry Pier - Yuen Long Terminus
  • 615 Yuen Long Terminus - Tuen Mun Ferry Pier
  • 751 Yau Oi - Tin Yat
  • 614P Tuen Mun Ferry Pier - Siu Hong
  • 615P Tuen Mun Ferry Pier - Siu Hong
  • K51 Fu Tai - Tai Lam
  • K58 Fu Tai - Castle Peak Bay
Tuen Mun
  • 505 Siu Hong - Sam Shing Terminus
  • 507 Tuen Mun Ferry Pier - Tin King
  • 751 Yau Oi - Tin Yat
  • K51 Tai Lam - Fu Tai
  • K52 Tuen Mun Station - Lung Kwu Tan
  • K52A Tuen Mun Station - Tsang Tsui
  • K53 Tuen Mun Station - So Kwun Wat (Circular)
  • K58 Fu Tai - Castle Peak Bay
  • 506 Tuen Mun Ferry Pier - Siu Lun
Notice to All Passengers
  1. The prime objective of ticket inspections is to protect the interests of the fare paying passengers. Ticket inspections will be carried out by Light Rail officials inside LRV compartments and at platforms. A passenger must hold a validated Octopus or a valid single journey ticket whilst travelling on Light Rail, and produce it to any Light Rail official for inspection.
  2. Each Octopus or single journey ticket is valid for a single journey from the stop where the Octopus is validated or ticket is issued to one other stop in a single direction without repeating any stop. A passenger is required to re-validate Octopus or buy another appropriate single journey ticket for return or another journey (including all circular routes).
  3. Any child aged 3 years or above but under 12 years or any person aged 65 years or above is entitled to use a concessionary ticket. Any person aged between 12 years and 64 years (and not having 「Student Status」 / 「Persons with Disabilities Status」 encoded on their Personalised Octopus) must pay the full adult fare. Each adult passenger accompanied by more than two children under 3 years of age must purchase a ticket for each child exceeding two in number.
  4. A single journey ticket is only valid for traveling to another stop within the fare zone(s) in the direction imprinted on the ticket. Any passenger who wishes to travel to any other stop, not within the fare zone(s) or not in the direction imprinted on the ticket, is required to buy another appropriate single journey ticket.
  5. A validated Octopus or a single journey ticket is valid for two hours. After the validity period, the validation or the ticket shall expire and become invalid.
  6. Ticket Inspection Team consists of Light Rail officials authorized to enforce the Mass Transit Railway (North-west Railway) By-law. Any passenger breaching the By-law shall produce proof of his identity and provide personal particulars when requested to do so by a Light Rail official. The collection of personal data from By-law offenders by the Corporation is in compliance with the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance.
  7. Any person travelling without a validated Octopus or a valid single journey ticket is liable to pay a surcharge (50 times the prevailing maximum adult single fare), and prosecution.
  8. Pursuant to the Conditions of Issue of Octopus, Personalised Octopus are not transferable, and may only be used by the registered cardholder.
  9. To enjoy MTR and/or MTR Bus (「Bus」) interchange concessions, passengers must travel in the following ways with an Octopus of positive remaining value:
    9.1 Interchange between Light Rail and MTR
    This offer is available to eligible Light Rail journeys, which is for the journeys with Adult Octopus fare at $5.1 or below ($2.4 or below for Child and Personalised Octopus with "Student Status"). The offer also applies to Elderly Octopus and Eligible Persons with Disabilities Octopus for the equivalent eligible Light Rail journeys of Child Octopus. The time limit for any interchanges is 30 minutes from the exit validation to the entry validation.
    9.2 Interchange between Light Rail / MTR and Bus
    Interchange must take place within 60 minutes from Light Rail / MTR to Bus after the Octopus is validated at the Light Rail / MTR exit processor, or within 60 minutes from Bus to Light Rail / MTR after the Octopus is validated at the bus processor. A passenger who uses an Octopus with entry and exit validations at the same Light Rail stop is not entitled to any interchange concession under this provision.
    9.3 Interchange from Light Rail / Bus to MTR and back to Light Rail / Bus
    The whole journey must be completed within 2 hours.

    The Free Interchange Discount is not available when the Entry/Exit are made at the same Light Rail Stop or within 20 minutes at the same MTR station.

    For further details of interchange concessions, please refer to other MTR publications.

  10. Every person while on a bus or vehicle of Light Rail or on any part of the railway premises shall comply with all notices, indicators and all directions and requests of Light Rail officials.
  11. Any person who damages any property upon the railway premises or obstructs any Light Rail official from performing his duties is liable to prosecution.
  12. No person shall use any threatening or abusive language, or behave in an offensive manner while upon the railway premises.
  13. Unless authorized in writing by the Corporation, a passenger may carry only one piece of luggage and the total dimensions (i.e. length plus width plus height) of that piece of luggage shall not exceed 170 cm and the length of any one side of the luggage shall not exceed 130 cm onto the Light Rail premises, provided that a passenger who is the holder of a valid “MTR Carriage of Oversized Musical Instrument Permit” or “MTR Carriage of Oversized Musical Instrument and Sports Equipment Permit” issued by the Corporation may, subject to the terms and conditions of such permit, carry one piece of musical instrument or one piece of sports equipment with total dimensions not exceeding 235 cm and the length of any one side not exceeding 145 cm.
  14. No dangerous goods and no luggage/object which, in the opinion of any Light Rail official, is likely to cause inconvenience to other passengers shall be carried onto the Light Rail premises. A Light Rail official has the right to refuse to admit any passenger carrying such goods or luggage/object onto any Light Rail vehicle or the railway premises and if such passenger is found on railway premises or refuses to comply with the instructions of a Light Rail official, he may be prosecuted.
  15. No animals, pets or livestock (except police officer’s duty dogs and guide dogs accompanying visually impaired passengers) are allowed on the Light Rail premises.
  16. No person shall smoke, eat, drink, litter or spit in any part of the railway premises.
  17. Hawking and touting are prohibited in Light Rail premises. Offenders will be prosecuted.
  18. For public safety, no person is allowed access to the railway track area or permitted to enter or leave the platform other than by use of the designated entrances or exits. Offenders will be prosecuted.
  19. For enquiries on Light Rail services and Conditions of Issue of Octopus, please approach our Customer Services Centres or call the MTR Hotline 2881 8888. For report of Octopus loss or related issues, please call Octopus Lost-card Hotline 22662266 and Octopus General Hotline 2266 2222 respectively.
Notice to passengers

To ensure a safe and comfortable journey, please observe the following rules:

  1. Queue up for boarding
  2. Fold up perambulators or carts before boarding
  3. Wrap fragile goods up well before boarding
  4. Don't bring large items on the bus
  5. No animal is allowed aboard (except for guide dogs accompanying the blind)
  6. Make ready of Octopus or tender exact fare before boarding
  7. Signal clearly when you want to board a bus
  8. Don't run after a bus
  9. Move inside the compartment after boarding
  10. No standing is allowed beyond the yellow line
  11. Elderly are advised to be seated near the exit door in lower deck for easy alighting
  12. Give your seat to the senior citizens or those in need
  13. Fasten the seat belt properly (if any)
  14. Don't put your feet on the opposite seat
  15. Don't place your belongings on seats or block the wheelchair space
  16. Don't block the staircase, aisles or doorways with belongings
  17. No standing is allowed on upper deck or staircase
  18. Smoking on buses is strictly prohibited by law
  19. No eating or drinking on the bus
  20. Hold the handrail tightly when the bus is in motion
  21. Do not talk with bus captain when the bus is in motion
  22. Press the alighting bell once for bus stopping at next stop
  23. Return to footpath after alighting