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services and facilities

Constantly Striving To Satisfy Your Travel Needs

Getting you there safely!

Your safety has always been the MTR's top priority. To this end, we operate a state-of-the-art train control and signalling system that ensures there is always a safe distance between trains. To safeguard you against potential fire hazards, we have also installed a highly sensitive fire alarm system and insist on the use of non-combustible materials in all trains.

Getting you there reliably!

Unlike most other forms of public transport in Hong Kong, the MTR is very rarely affected by traffic jams and bad weather. As a result, you will almost always get where you are going right on time. Best of all, our trains run from 5:30 am or 6:00 am in the morning until 1:00 am the following day, seven days a week, all 365 days of the year.

Getting you there quickly!

Just arrived on the platform as your train departs? Don't worry! Our high frequency schedules ensure you'll never have to wait more than a few minutes for another train during peak hours. Even for our dedicated line to the Airport, the Airport Express, trains depart every 10 minutes throughout the day.

There's no more perfect way to travel

As all of our trains and most of our stations are air-conditioned, you will enjoy a relaxed, hassle-free environment every time you travel with us. This is something you'll be especially glad of during Hong Kong's hot, humid summer months. To ensure your every journey with us is a pleasant one, our staffs also keep all MTR stations and trains spotlessly clean at all times.

Convenience that keeps you one step ahead

To ensure you never waste valuable time, we have strategically located stations in the busiest districts of Hong Kong. To further enhance your travel convenience we have equipped almost all of our stations with multiple, clearly identified exits. For easy access, platforms at all MTR stations are linked to the stations' main concourses by escalators. While on the concourses themselves, you will discover minibanks and kiosks selling daily necessities plus other auxiliary services items such as sale of books, magazines, cakes and cosmetics.

Innovative ads that make every ride more enjoyable

When arriving and departing at many MTR stations, you can see and hear state-of-the-art sound and motion advertising on specially adapted trackside Plasma TVs.

News coverage that keeps you on top

Eager to discover the latest weather forecast, hourly news updates, stock market performance or how your favourite team is faring in the English Premier League? Many MTR trains incorporate InfoPanels that are now spicing up daily commutes for literally millions of passengers. When travelling on the East Rail and Tuen Ma lines, you can even catch regularly updated audio-visual news bulletins from Newsline Express.

Rail Service Suspension - Passenger Guide

The MTR rail network offers a reliable public transport service to Hong Kong. Nevertheless, the railway comprises millions of precise components that are required to work together over long periods of time. At present about one serious fault requiring partial suspensions in train service might occur for every one million train trips operated.

In the event that you encounter a service suspension while travelling on the MTR network, the following simple steps will help to minimize the inconvenience caused to you and continue with your journey.

  1. Consider the alternative public transport options available to you. Map detailing alternative public transport* displayed in the concourse of affected stations during a service suspension can provide helpful suggestions. Taking other railway routes not affected by the service suspension may be a viable option in some cases.
  2. Be on the alert for information given out at the station through public announcements, notices posted at entry and exit gates, and staff on-site.
  3. Free MTR Shuttle Bus Service is a temporary arrangement available at some pre-designated stations to supplement other public transport during a service suspension, connecting you to the next MTR station on the affected line where train service is operating.

Please keep in mind that in the event of a service suspension, it will take some time to mobilize the Free MTR Shuttle Buses which is also dependant on the road traffic condition at the time. However, we aim to have our shuttle bus service operating around 45 minutes from the time that rail service is suspended at the affected station(s) where available.

  • If you have chosen to take the Free MTR Shuttle Bus where available, please follow the special signs* directing you to the pick-up point.
  • The capacity of Free MTR Shuttle Bus Service is limited and may depend on the availability of vehicles at the time. We thank you for queuing up for the bus at the designated pick-up point.

The capacity of Free MTR Shuttle Bus Service is limited and may depend on the availability of vehicles at the time. We thank you for queuing up for the bus at the designated pick-up point.

We are committed to do our best to resume service and help you continue with your journey during a service suspension. We appreciate your understanding and patience.

A directory on alternative public transport for each MTR station and Free MTR Shuttle Bus Service information is now available, please click the station name below for the details:

Kwun Tong Line Tsuen Wan Line Island Line
South Island Line Tseung Kwan O Line Tung Chung Line & Disneyland Resort Line
East Rail Line Tuen Ma Line

* Maps indicating where alternative public transport is located and Free MTR Shuttle Bus directional signs are being gradually introduced at all MTR stations for use in the event of a service suspension.

^ No Free MTR Shuttle Bus Service is provided at Racecourse.