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Sunny Bay Station

Sunny Bay Station, an anchor station of the purpose-built Disneyland Resort Line (DRL), serves both as a rail line interchange for the MTR network and as the gateway to the Hong Kong Disneyland theme park. It is part of a project that represents the Corporation's successful foray into the new business of tourism infrastructure and is a pioneer in advancing our value proposition.

The station and the rail line were designed with the underlying purpose of bridging two worlds in customer expectations, those of the tourist and those of the MTR passenger. In planning this project, Disney's Imagineering Team inspired the extraordinary in the tourist-based customer services that helped to shape the collective approach to the design and development of the DRL.

Sustainability and environmental harmony were the drivers from the outset. The brief to architects imposed the requirement of scalability to anticipate patronage increases over time and solicited a creative approach to capture the aspirations of the Disney experience, while delivering on the corporate promise of service. The final design is a spacious, modern station platform housed under a gently curved roof constructed using lightweight steel and covered with an all-weather fabric. The station creates a semi-open-air atmosphere that incorporates natural light and cross-breeze ventilation. True to the MTR services promise, it provides a seamless interchange with the MTR rail network and adjacent car park and bus stops.

New technical features were added for the safety and comfort of passengers and the increased efficiency of the rail line. Automatic Platform Gates (APG) were installed to ensure passenger safety while not obstructing the natural air flows and station spaciousness. The DRL is the first line on the MTR network to be fully automated and operated as a driverless system. And, to delight our patrons, the interiors of passenger cars have been modified to mark the starting point of the magical journey to the Park.

The station received two major awards in 2006. The Hong Kong Institute of Architects honoured the project architects with the Merit Award for outstanding architecture in the transport category. The Professional Green Building Council, which recognises projects that contribute to sustainability and the environment, bestowed its first Green Building Award on Sunny Bay Station. The panel of judges aptly described our value proposition thus: "Sunny Bay Station sets a remarkable benchmark in Hong Kong and demonstrates an alternative approach to mass transit station design, which is bio-climatic responsive, energy efficient, cost effective, easy for maintenance and adaptable from the lifecycle perspective."