Posted July 2010

Cause of Impact

There are 3 kerosene storage tanks beneath the building of the Concord kerosene store at No.33, Chung Hau Street, Ho Man Tin with potential land contamination due to its operation.

Kerosene store


A borehole was conducted on the existing slope adjacent to the storage tanks in accordance to the endorsed Contamination Assessment Plan (CAP) (and a Supplementary CAP). The findings of the land contamination assessment indicated that there was no exceedance of the relevant Risk-based Remediation Goals (RBRGs) of the soil and groundwater samples collected in this EIA study. It was recommended that when the permission for access is granted at the time when the land is resumed, a reconnaissance site visit should be carried out to review whether further site investigations would be required.

Disclaimer: The Technical Circular (ETWB TCW No. 13/2003) guides the parallel actions on gazetting and EIA process for the project. In handling any EIA-related inconsistencies that may arise due to amendments to the gazetted scheme, MTR Corporation would follow the guidelines and requirements of Section 13 and Section 10 (1) of the EIAO in the EIA processing.