Posted July 2010

Cause of Impact


During the construction of HOM Station, potential landscape and visual impacts would arise from:

  • Excavation and construction works for the station boxes at HOM;
  • Construction of entrances for HOM Stations;
  • Construction of above-ground structures of including vent shafts and chillers;
  • Temporary rock crushing facility at HOM Station;
  • Stockpiling of excavated and building materials, and storage of construction equipment and plant;
  • Off-site construction traffic such as haulage of excavated materials;
  • Temporary traffic / road diversions;
  • Night-time lighting;
  • Temporary noise mitigation measures e.g. barriers, enclosures; and
  • Contractor's temporary works areas, including site accommodation and parking areas.

The visual impacts are only temporary during the construction phase only and will be eventually alleviated.


During the operation of HOM Station, the potential residual landscape and visual impacts would be related to the permanent loss of landscape resources and visible above-ground structures:

  • Entrances and associated facilities;
  • Vent shafts for railway tunnel and sub-way;
  • Chiller plants; and
  • Permanent net loss of recreational facilities, slopes, trees and greening.

Proposed Remedies

In order to minimize landscape and visual impacts during the construction and operation, the following remedies will be applied:

  • Reuse of existing topsoil;
  • Tree transplantation;
  • Erection of decorative hoardings;
  • Control of night-time lighting glare; and


  • Re-provision of public open spaces;
  • Compensatory tree planting;
  • Horizontal and slope greening;
  • Planting; and
  • Architectural Design Aesthetics for Above-Ground Structures at HOM Station.


With reference to the criteria defined in Annex 10 of the EIAO-TM, it is considered that the landscape and visual impacts resulting from the project are acceptable once the prescribed mitigation measures are applied during construction, at completion and throughout operation of the project.

Disclaimer: The Technical Circular (ETWB TCW No. 13/2003) guides the parallel actions on gazetting and EIA process for the project. In handling any EIA-related inconsistencies that may arise due to amendments to the gazetted scheme, MTR Corporation would follow the guidelines and requirements of Section 13 and Section 10 (1) of the EIAO in the EIA processing.