Posted November 2011


The SCL cross-harbour tunnels section will land at the proposed South Ventilation Shaft, Plant Building and Emergency Access (SOV). The tunnel will then run underneath the Police Officers’ Club (POC), Wan Chai Sports Ground, the Marsh Road substation and the Wan Chai Interchange before connecting to the new Exhibition Station (EXH). The underground tunnels will continue from the Exhibition Station (EXH) beneath the Convention Avenue and curve at Fenwick Pier Street before reaching the north of Admiralty Station (ADM).

The proposed works in this section of tunnel comprise:

  • Construction of the new EXH by cut-and-cover (C&C) method;
  • Construction of the SOV at the existing POC site in Causeway Bay;
  • Demolition and repovisioning of POC, which will be integrated with the SOV;
  • Construction of underground tunnel by C&C method for the section from EXH to the west end of HKCEC Phase I;
  • Construction of underground tunnel by Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) for the sections between SOV and EXH, and from the west end of HKCEC Phase I to ADM;
  • Construction of TBM launching shaft at the SOV and Emergency Access Point (EAP) at Fenwick Street Children’s Playground;
  • Construction of aboveground structures including EAP, ventilation shafts, plant buildings and station entrances;
  • Demolition and reprovisioning of Harbour Road Sports Centre and Wan Chai Swimming Pool ; and
  • Barging activities at ex-Public Cargo Working Area (PCWA).