Posted November 2011


Under the SCL (HUH-ADM), Shek O Quarry is proposed to be the casting yard for IMT and a site for concrete batching, and will consist of a barging point for loading and uploading of materials. Based on the current design, no dredging would be required for construction of the casting basin.

Proposed construction works at the Shek O casting basin include:

  • Formation of casting basin, which basically involve installation of the gates back in place at the gate frames and draining water within the marine cove through the gate;
  • Casting IMT units; and
  • Operation of concrete batching plant and barging point.

After completion of all the IMT fabrication and construction works, the site will be reinstated to the layout originally planned under the Rehabilitation of Shek O Quarry project. As such, no environmental impacts would be expected during the operation phase of the Project.