Corporate Responsibility
Corporate Responsibility

art in mtr

The "Art in MTR" initiative aims not only to enhance MTR journeys, but also offer inspiration in customers' life journeys. Incorporating stimulating and attractive art pieces in station concourses and platforms creates a more vibrant and vivid travelling experience for everyone to enjoy.

MTR stations are not just places within the city. In a very real way they are the city. Just as MTR's safe, reliable and efficient railway service connects different corners of the city, inspiring station environments can help bring the people of our city together.

Art is an important part of the MTR system. This is why we are committed to creating a more artistic environment for our customers. An art map is designed to guide the customers to explore the rich variety of art offerings in the railway network. We also publish "Art in MTR", a book that details the artworks in our stations. To see a PDF of our two publications, please click the link below.

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