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Travel tips during typhoons

Rail and MTR Bus Services
under Tropical Cyclone Warning Signals

When a Tropical Cyclone is approaching or already impacting Hong Kong, service will be adjusted based on the level of Warning Signal.

Typhoon Signal MTR Rail and Bus Services
Standby Signal 1 & Strong Wind Signal 3
  • Remains normal
  • Advance Notice of Gale or Storm Signal 8
  • Remains normal
  • Frequency increased if necessary

  • Gale or Storm Signal 8
  • Initially remains normal, frequency increased if necessary to enable passengers to return home as soon as possible
  • Trains and Light Rail will maintain a limited service with reduced frequency as storm gets closer
  • MTR Bus service will be suspended 3 hours after Signal 8 is issued

  • Service on open sections of the Railway, Light Rail and MTR Bus will be suspended immediately if Signal 9 or above is issued.

    Passengers are advised to return home as soon as possible or stay indoors in a safe place!

    Increasing Gale or Storm Signal 9 & Hurricane Signal 10
  • Railway open sections: Service immediately suspended
    As long as conditions are safe, MTR will try to ensure that trains still operating reach their original destination or nearby stations so passengers can take shelter

  • Railway underground sections: limited service is maintained with limited frequency and longer travelling time

  • Reminder:
    Passengers are advised to remain where they are if safe and protected!

    Stations will remain open wherever possible to provide shelter for affected passengers

    MTR will always try to provide service as long as it is safe to do so. However, if the weather conditions suddenly deteriorate, Train, Light Rail and MTR Bus services will be suspended immediately and without notice.

    MTR services under Increasing Gale or Storm Signal 9 and Hurricane Signal 10

    Signal replaced and service resumption

    Replaced by Gale or Storm Signal 8
  • Gradual resumption of service on open sections of the Railway as long as its safe, however initially at a limited frequency as MTR staff may have to clear debris from the tracks, repair damaged equipment, or get trains to operating locations
  • MTR Bus service remains suspended
  • Replaced by Strong Wind Signal 3
  • MTR Bus service resumes
  • Rail service frequency will be increased if necessary
  • Allow extra travelling time

    Please allow additional time for travel as Crowd Management Measures may be implemented in some stations.

    If Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal 8, 9 or 10 is issued or replaced during start or close of service / non-traffic hours

    • In the early morning or late evening when there is a lower passenger demand, a limited service will be provided
    • During non-service hours, updated information on service will be provided on the MTR Mobile and MTR website before start of service

    Updated information

    Updated information will be provided in stations and through the MTR Mobile, MTR website, radio and TV broadcasts.