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About Octopus


Launched in September 1997, Octopus is the pioneering electronic fare collection system that makes travelling easier and more enjoyable. All Octopus contain a built-in microchip that can communicate with different fare or payment processors. You simply tap your Octopus over the Fare Deducting Readers as you pass through the ticket gates and enter the MTR system. Octopus are available in Adult, Elder, Child and Personalised versions.

Octopus is incredibly versatile and can be used to pay for multiple modes of transport including the MTR, Airport Express, Light Rail, buses and ferries, etc. Once you have an Octopus, you don't have to worry about scrabbling around in your pocket or purse for coins ever again.

Octopus is so user-friendly and being widely accepted by vending machines and photo booths in transport premises. To find out just how much simpler life will be when you become an Octopus holder, please click here.

For full details of MTR fares, please use the MTR Trip Planner or our 24-hour Passenger Hotline on (852) 2881 8888.

Everything You Need To Know About The Octopus

Travelling First Class

Passengers have the option of paying a premium to enjoy the East Rail Line's First Class Service. The First Class Premium is equivalent to the normal Standard Class Fare for the same East Rail Line journey.

Using your Octopus to Travel First Class
Using your Octopus to Travel First Class

To ensure your journey in First Class is authorised, you must always validate your Octopus at a First Class Processor before entering the First Class compartment. First Class Processors are located on the platform of the East Rail Line or beside the gangway door of the First Class compartment itself. Simply tap your Octopus over the First Class Processor for validation. The screen will show a notification message once an Octopus has been validated.

When interchanging trains from other lines, don't forget to validate your Octopus at the respective East Rail Line stations if you wish to continue to travel First Class. The specific interchanges where you will need to do this are Hung Hom, Kowloon Tong and Tai Wai stations.

Notes to Passengers
  1. Fare adjustment is not available in First Class compartments.
  2. Passengers must present their Octopus or First Class Single Journey Tickets to the Ticket Inspector when asked to do so.
  3. Passengers travelling First Class without a valid First Class Single Journey Ticket or First Class validation on their Octopus will be liable to a surcharge of HK$1,000.
  4. The gangway doors to all First Class compartments are locked. Passengers who attempt to walk through from a Standard Class compartment to a First Class compartment must validate their Octopus using the First Class Processor beside the gangway door. The full First Class fare will be applied for even partial journeys made in such a way.

Please click this link for full details of "Conditions of Issue of Octopus"