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Tickets and Fares

Regular Tickets

Single Journey Tickets

Apart from Octopus, you may use Single Journey Tickets to travel on the MTR. A Single Journey Ticket entitles you to one ride to a pre-selected destination on the day of purchase. The fare is based on the distance travelled.

Adult Single Journey TicketAdult Single Journey Ticket
Concessionary Single Journey TicketConcessionary Single Journey Ticket

There are two types of Single Journey Tickets - Adult and Concessionary. You can purchase them from the Ticket Issuing Machines in all MTR stations. Concessionary Tickets are available for children aged 3 to 11 and senior citizens aged 65 or above. Students aged 12 and above travelling with Single Journey Tickets are required to pay full adult fare. To enjoy concessionary fares on the MTR network, students must travel by Personalised Octopus with "Student Status". For further details, please refer to the "Student Travel Scheme".

Tsim Sha Tsui and East Tsui Sha Tsui are two separate stations and have separate entry and exit ticket gates. If you are using Single Journey Tickets and changing Lines here, you will need to purchase two separate tickets. The first ticket is collected upon exit at the first station while another ticket should be bought at the second station for the next leg of journey. Alternatively, you may choose a different route to your destination station by interchanging at Kowloon Tong, Mei Foo and Nam Cheong stations where only one Single Journey Ticket is required. Fares for journeys using two Single Journey Tickets are higher than those using only one Single Journey Ticket.

Never place two cards (either Octopus and / or MTR Smart Ticket) onto the Fare Deducting Reader at the same time.

For full details of specific MTR fares, please use the Trip Planner or call our 24-hour Passenger Hotline on (852) 2881 8888.

First Class Service is available on the East Rail Line. For full details about First Class Tickets, please click here.

Travelling First Class

Using Single Journey Ticket to Travel First Class

Alternatively, you may choose to travel by Single Journey Tickets. First Class Single Journey Tickets are available from Ticket Issuing Machines in East Rail Line stations, or from the Customer Service Centres in any MTR station.

Adult Single Journey Ticket - First ClassAdult Single Journey Ticket - First Class
Concessionary Single Journey Ticket - First ClassConcessionary Single Journey Ticket - First Class
Notes to Passengers
  1. Fare adjustment is not available in First Class compartments.
  2. Passengers must present their Octopus or First Class Single Journey Tickets to the Ticket Inspector when asked to do so.
  3. Passengers travelling First Class without a valid First Class Single Journey Ticket or First Class validation on their Octopus will be liable to a surcharge of HK$500.
  4. The gangway doors to all First Class compartments are locked. Passengers who attempt to walk through from a Standard Class compartment to a First Class compartment must validate their Octopus using the First Class Processor beside the gangway door. The full First Class fare will be applied for even partial journeys made in such a way.


Please click this link for full details of "Conditions of Issue of Tickets"