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MTR > Park & Ride Scheme
The Park & Fly daily rate is charged on consecutive 24-hour basis from parking time with at least two days parking, Each vehicle can enjoy a maximum of 14 parking days for the Park & Fly offer. A normal hourly rate will apply thereafter. The High Speed Rail Park & Ride rate is charged on consecutive 24-hour basis from parking time. - 2021-11-27
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Ka m Sheung Road Yu en Long Long Pi ng Ti n Shui Wa i Si u Hong Mu n Hung Ho m Mong Ko k East Ko wloo n To Ta i Wa i Sh a Ti Fo Ta n Ra ce co urse Univer si ty Ta i Po Mark et i Wo Fa nlin g Sheung Lo Wu Lo k Ma Ch au e Ku ng Te mple Sh a Ti n Wa i Ci ty On e Shek n Ta i Shui in Heng On Ma Shan Wu Ka i Sh a Islan d Line Kennedy Town 3.0 3.0 3.5 ... - 2021-11-11
MTR > MTR 'Train' for life's journeys Programme 2011
MTR 'Train' for life's journeys Programme 2011 100 students have been selected, the 2-week training will commence in July. Interviews for the ''Train' for life's journeys' Programme 2011 were held on 20 and 21 April. - 2021-09-29
MTR > Route Suggestion
MTR > Route Suggestion. Home Trip Planner (Route Suggestion) Trip Planner (Ticket Suggestion) What's New Way To Save Community Our Service Performance Mobile Apps Network Extension Recommended For You. Tickets and Fares Tickets and Fares Special Schemes Frequent User Passes Airport Express High Speed Rail Intercity Passenger Services Tourist ... - 2021-11-26
MTR > Sharing by Our Graduates
The ’24-hour Charity Bike Race’ was a memorable experience, our tutor stayed up all night with us. Four years have passed in a glimpse of eyes, I am officially promoted as a Technician in the field of Infrastructure Maintenance – Signaling and Telecommunications. ... Ka Ho 2002 Technician Apprentice - 2021-10-20
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0Î x )_ ^Ø] [yW& Adult Octopus Fare Chart *ÍI£ )_ ^Ø] [yW& Child Octopus Fare Chart WXù Remark s1. First Clas Premium: Th ep remium ayabl by passenger str velling inth Firs tClas compa tmen o Eas Rail Lin train equivalen to the Octopus far e for the same East Rail Line journey . - 2021-11-09
MTR > Tenders & Contracts
24 Nov 2016: Q046485: Selective: Provision of Marketing and Event Management Services for MTR Malls: Almond Limited Unit D, 8/F, Ka Ming Court, 688-690 Castle Peak Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong 3 Years: Not Disclosed: 1 Nov 2016: InSpire Integrated Design Production Limited - 2021-11-18