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    MTR STANDARD CLASS FARE Octopus  remark4 Single Journey Ticket  remark1
    Adult 25.5 28.0 remark 2
    12.9 14.5 remark 2
    2.0 14.5 remark 2
    Persons with
    2.0 -
    Student  remark3 12.9 -
    MTR FIRST CLASS FARE remark5 Octopus  remark4 Single Journey Ticket  remark1
    Adult 34.7 38.5 remark 2
    17.5 19.5 remark 2
    6.6 19.5 remark 2
    Persons with
    6.6 -
    Student  remark3 22.1 -
    [ Terms & Conditions ]
    1. Tsim Sha Tsui and East Tsim Sha Tsui are two separate stations and have separate entry and exit ticket gates. Passengers using Single Journey Tickets and changing Lines here will need to purchase two separate tickets. The first ticket is collected upon exit at the first station while another ticket should be bought at the second station for the next leg of the journey. Fares for journeys using two Single Journey Tickets are higher than those using only one Single Journey Ticket.
    2. The above-mentioned single journey fares are the total sum of the entire journey, and are based on the route with the shortest travelling time. Fares may vary if an alternate route is chosen. Journey time, path, service hour and related service may be revised at any time due to operation status without any notice.
    3. Eligible full-time students studying in Hong Kong using Personalised Octopuss with "Student Status" may enjoy Concessionary Fares on the MTR network, with the exception of the Airport Express, MTR Feeder Bus and journeys to or from Lo Wu and Lok Ma Chau stations. Students using Single Journey Tickets for travel are required to pay full adult fares.
    4. Separate entry and exit gates are installed at Tsim Sha Tsui and East Tsim Sha Tsui stations. Octopus users who interchange between these two stations within 30 minutes will be considered as having taken one journey. The full fare for the first sector travelled will be deducted when exiting the first station. The remaining balance of the fare will be deducted upon exit at the final destination. If the total fare is less than the first sector charged, a refund of the amount over-deducted will be credited to the Octopus at the final exit gate. Passengers are reminded not to use the same Octopus on other transport (including Light Rail, MTR Bus and MTR Feeder Bus) or make more than 9 non-transport related transactions during the 30-minute interchange interval. Otherwise, full fares for two separate journeys will be charged.
    5. First Class Premium: Passengers have the option of paying a premium to enjoy the East Rail Line's First Class Service. The First Class Premium is equivalent to the normal Standard Class Fare for the same East Rail Line journey.
    6. Successful applicants of the fare promotion using Personalised Octopuss with "Persons with Disabilities Status" can enjoy concessionary fares on the MTR network, including Light Rail and MTR Bus. (The offer is not applicable on the Airport Express and MTR Feeder Bus.) Persons with disabilities using Single Journey Tickets for travel are required to buy adult tickets at full fares.
    7. To benefit, use the same Octopus Card (with sufficient value) to interchange within one hour of arrival between the Airport Express at Hong Kong, Kowloon or Tsing Yi stations and the interconnecting MTR Line. The free connecting trip includes travel to Lo Wu or Lok Ma Chau stations, but excludes Light Rail, MTR Bus and East Rail Line First Class. (When changing between Tsim Sha Tsui/East Tsim Sha Tsui stations you must do so within 30 minutes of arrival at either station). For In-town Check-in passengers, the MTR trip immediately prior to check-in is the free MTR connection.
    1. Metro system adopts a one-person-one-ticket policy. Each adult passenger with a valid ticket is entitled to bring along only one child of height below 1.1 metres free of charge, any other child is required to purchase a full fare adult ticket.
    2. After passing through the ticket gate, upon entry the paid area through the ticket gate, the maximum traveling time is 120 minutes. Valid passenger who fails to leave the paid area within 120 minutes is liable to pay a surcharge which is equivalent to the current maximum single journey fare. In addition, a person in possession of a Single Journey Ticket beyond the destination of its validity is liable to pay the excess fare, being the difference between the encoded fare value of the Single Journey Ticket and the appropriate fare from the station of entry to the station of exit, before leaving the paid area.
    3. Passengers should keep the ticket throughout the journey. A person who is within the paid area without a valid ticket is liable to pay a surcharge at RMB¥ 10 and the highest single journey fare at the Customer Services Center.
    4. Senior citizens aged 65 or above with valid identity (no restriction on residential status, nationality) can enjoy free ride on the metro system. Valid identities include: Inhabitant Identity Card, Courtesy Card for Senior Citizens (yellow card), Re-entry Permit for Hong Kong and Macao Residents, Mainland Travel Permit for Hong Kong and Macau Residents, Mainland Travel Permit for Taiwan Residents, Passport, and Honorable Certificate for Retired Senior Cadres or Courtesy Certificate for Retried Senior Cadres.
    5. Holders of Disabled Veteran License and Disabled Policemen License, issued by either the Civil Affairs Department or relevant Army Unit, holders of Disabled Person License issued by China Disabled Persons´ ? Federation who are either Grade 1, Grade 2 blind person or natural person who is permanent registered resident of Shenzhen can enjoy free ride on the metro system.
    6. Passengers should pay the minimum fare for same station entry and exit via the paid area.
    7. Children with height between 1.2 and 1.5 meters, and aged between 6 and 14 are entitled to purchase Children Ticket with 50% discount at Customer Service Centre in any stations.
    8. Only fare information is provided for Shenzhen Metro Line 1. For other information, please refer to the website of Shenzhen Metro. Information of Shenzhen Line 1 is for reference only. MTR accepts no liability for the accuracy or completeness of the information.
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