Graduate Development Programmes

Functional Professional Expertise - Inventory & Supply Chain Management Associate (ISCMA) Programme

The Inventory & Supply Chain Management Associate (ISCMA) Programme aims at development of graduates to professionals in the disciplines of inventory / materials management, supply chain analysis, stores operations and logistics management.

The ISCMA Programme will provide on-the-job training opportunities within the Materials & Stores Department to gain dynamic exposure to various functions / projects including Inventory Management & control, Demand forecast and Supply planning, Stores Operation, Transportation and Fleet Management, Logistics System, Accounting and Data Control.

We are looking for:

Final year students or recent graduates, who possess excellent academic achievements and the following qualities:

  • high potentials in supply chain analysis, store operations and inventory management
  • good analytical and problem-solving skills to drive transformations
  • good command of English and Chinese (including Putonghua) to connect multi-stakeholders