Service Pledge

We are committed to providing quality, safe and reliable services by implementing a number of internal policies and mechanisms along with setting targets to ensure our customers can experience the high service level they expect from us.

Our Service Pledge clearly states our customer service approach for operating and maintaining a safe, reliable and efficient mass transit network. We update our pledge on an annual basis and publish our service performance in the quarterly MTR Service Newsletter to ensure our customers are well informed with our initiatives, performance metrics and targets across various service areas including train punctuality, service and facility reliability, cleanliness and customer response.

We have also established our Customer Experience Management Model which includes end-to-end journey mapping exercises and regular customer user group meetings to gauge customers’ views on their needs and our initiatives. In addition, the Corporation has a designated Customer Experience Department Section to further our understanding of customer needs and to develop strategies to continue improving our services. Our railway operations have been certified to ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems to help ensure the consistency and continuous improvement of our service quality.

Incident Response

In MTR, there is a set of robust procedures in place to ensure our prompt and appropriate response to incidents that lead to service disruptions. In case of train service disruptions, our Customer Service and Revenue Protection Unit works with our station staff to provide timely information about the situation and updates on train services for those who may be affected. In case of serious service disruptions, complimentary shuttle bus services will also be arranged when necessary to transport affected customers to the nearest MTR station to minimise the impact on their journey. We have also established a Customer Service Support Team (“CSST”) which consists of volunteer staff members from different departments. Members of the CSST are all trained with the necessary skills to support frontline staff in the course of service disruptions. Timely and effective communications are also provided through multiple channels, including announcements inside MTR premises, the media, and the MTR Mobile app which provides customers with information on alternative transport options during service disruptions.

Behind the scenes, we also promptly mobilise specialised teams to restore normal service operations, for example, the Infrastructure Maintenance Rapid Response Unit to repair railway infrastructure, the Rolling Stock Rapid Response Unit to rectify train faults, and the Infrastructure Engineering Control Centre to use real-time monitoring and control systems to integrate fault reporting centres located at depots across our railway network.

Consumer Enquiries

MTR provides open communication channels for customers to express their opinions and concerns. In addition to approaching our frontline staff, customers may raise their enquiries, suggestions or comments through various channels including the MTR hotline and online feedback form. Our pledge is to respond to at least 99% of the enquiries received within six working days.

Data Protection

Our Privacy Policy Statement details our commitment to safeguarding customer data privacy and ensures our compliance with the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Cap.486) of the Laws of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region when collecting, holding, using and/or processing personal data of our customers.

Fair Marketing

In line with the highest standards of business ethics, we strive to adhere to fair marketing principles, providing factual and unbiased information for our stakeholders and exercising fair and unequivocal contractual practices in our supply chain. We respect the principles of fairness, impartiality and integrity in all locations where we operate and treat our customers honestly and objectively to avoid misrepresentation, exaggeration or overstatement.