As a low-carbon public transport provider, we are committed to managing our environmental footprint and achieving carbon neutrality.

Managing Our Environmental Impact

As a low-carbon public transport provider, we are committed to managing our environmental footprint and achieving carbon neutrality. Our Environmental & Social Responsibility (“E&SR”) Policy highlights our commitment to manage and mitigate the environmental impacts of our business taking into account resource use, biodiversity and climate change by developing three Environmental and Social objectives. The E&SR Policy lays down a solid foundation to incorporate sustainability considerations into the entire lifecycle of our projects and operations. To supplement the E&SR Policy, we have established a Green Procurement Policy covering specific supply chain-related aspects and a Climate Change Strategy to stipulate our commitment to mitigating, adapting and building resilience to climate change.

In Hong Kong, all designated projects begin with a statutory Environmental Impact Assessment (“EIA”) to engage and consult the public and evaluate the potential environmental impacts and identify mitigation measures. After approval of the EIA and obtaining an environmental permit for construction and operation, the detailed environmental requirements are specified in contract documents, including the employment of specialist environmental consultants, to ensure that project implementation is appropriately managed throughout its lifespan. During the construction phase, systems are put in place to support the planning and implementation of construction activities and mitigation measures, such as environmental data management systems for electronic tracking and monitoring of data and various environmental management plan submissions.

To promote knowledge sharing and partnership with our stakeholders, we have hosted forums, training and site visits with our employees, consultants, contractors, government officials and industry practitioners under the Knowledge Environment since 2012, and the EPD-MTR Joint Environmental Forum which we have co-organised with the Environmental Protection Department (“EPD”) since 2015. Environmental non-governmental organisations are also regularly updated on the environmental aspects of our new line construction. In addition, we have established ISO 14001 certified Environmental Management Systems for Hong Kong Transport Services Business Unit (formerly known as Operations Division), Property Management Department, Capital Works Business Unit (formerly known as Projects Division) and some of our overseas subsidiaries, to support the management of environmental impacts and drive continuous improvements during the construction and operation phases.

ISO 14001 for Operations Training Department (Design, Development, Implementation and Evaluation of Training and Related Consultancy Services)

ISO 14001 for Hong Kong Transport Services Business Unit – Planning, Development and Delivery of Railway Services, and Management of Railway Assets

ISO 14001 for Capital Works Business Unit – Project Management of Railway Projects

ISO 14001 for MTR Corporation Ltd.-Investment Property Department and Property Management Department – Design and Provision of Property and Facility Management Services

Decarbonisation Strategies and Planning

We commit to integrating low-carbon measures into our policies, strategies and planning as well as strengthening our resilience and adaptation to climate-related risks.

We recognise climate change as a highly material issue to our business, bringing both risks and opportunities to our existing operations as well as future development. Our commitment to addressing climate change is demonstrated by our support of the Government’s Hong Kong Climate Action Plan 2050 which outlines strategies and targets for combating climate change and achieving carbon neutrality by 2050. We also support the International Association of Public Transport (“UITP”) Declaration on Climate Leadership which spells out the industry’s responsibility to act and its commitment to climate leadership. Our Climate Change Strategy emphasises our commitment to managing and minimising our impacts on climate change through mitigation, adaptation and building our climate resilience.

We have developed a long-term decarbonisation roadmap for the operation and development of our railway and property businesses in Hong Kong through conducting a carbon reduction study in which we took into account a comprehensive range of factors including the latest climate science, technology trends, Hong Kong’s Climate Action Plan 2050, and the risks and opportunities for our business. Following the Study, we are committed to setting science-based carbon reduction targets for the operation and development of our railway network and property portfolio in Hong Kong for 2030 with the longer-term goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050. Following the submission of our commitment letter and technical documents detailing our 2030 carbon reduction targets to the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi) in mid-2022, SBTi has approved our targets covering our railway and property businesses in Hong Kong.

In 2020, we started to communicate our climate-related policies and strategies, especially those related to financial disclosures, with reference to the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (“TCFD”) to provide our stakeholders with comparable and consistent information on how the Corporation is tackling climate change and managing the associated risks and opportunities. More details about our climate-related governance, strategy, risk management, and metrics and targets can be found in the Climate-related Disclosure.

Community Participation

With the objectives of raising public awareness towards green transport, we launched a “Carbon Footprint Challenge” from August 2020 to September 2021 to encourage MTR Mobile registered users to achieve savings on carbon emissions by taking MTR rides and earn extra MTR Points as reward.

We take an active role in engaging the public and working with the technology ecosystem to foster innovation on carbon reduction. In March 2021, we introduced Carbon Wallet, which is a one-stop green lifestyle reward app to encourage the public to adopt a low carbon lifestyle. The app promotes carbon reduction actions across four lifestyle categories: recycling, dining, shopping and mobility. Through practising carbon conscious behaviour, users can earn points based on the carbon emissions saved, which may in turn be redeemed for green products and services from our participating partners. For details, please visit the official website of Carbon Wallet.

To further promote environmental protection to the public in a fun and friendly way, we introduced our Green Ambassador “Green T Baby” in February 202. “Green T Baby” is friendly, passionate and knowledgeable about protecting the environment while sharing lots of creative ideas, environmental tips as well as MTR's green and low-carbon initiatives. Green T Baby will serve as an ambassador promoting MTR’s commitments and efforts to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.

We have also supported the Environment and Ecology Bureau’s Charter on External Lighting to switch off lighting installations of decorative, promotional or advertising purposes which affect the outdoor environment for our properties including our officie buildings during the pre-set time to minimise nuisance to the surrounding environment.

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