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Keep Cities
Moving Sustainably

Our aspiration is to keep cities moving by managing our business sustainably with best-in-class governance and helping individuals and communities thrive, while contributing to the fight against climate change.

MTR’s Social and Environmental Objectives

MTR is committed to embedding environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations into our business and operations to create long term value for all of our stakeholders. MTR has set forth three priority areas, namely Social Inclusion, Advancement & Opportunities and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction, to advance our social and environmental objectives under a new corporate strategy, while supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


Advancement &

Greenhouse Gas
Emissions Reduction

  • Social Inclusion

    Social Inclusion

    MTR aims to foster social inclusion, promote equality and make a positive impact on communities we serve. Our railway system and properties are accessible for all, including the elderly, those with disabilities, people travelling with infants or toddlers and anyone who might need barrier-free access along our network. We also aspire to create a diverse and inclusive work environment while actively promoting equal opportunities internally and externally.

    Our KPIs

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    Universal Basic Mobility

    100% of our new stations will be accessible (including barrier free entrances, wide gates, accessible toilet and baby care room)

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    Diversity & Inclusion

    25% of our Board of Directors will be women by 2025

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    Equal Opportunities

    HK$100 million will be spent on direct local community investment and donations from 2022 to 2025

  • Advancement & Opportunities

    Advancement & Opportunities

    MTR aspires to create long-term shared value by connecting our communities and business partners with advancement opportunities. We are committed to upskilling our employees, enhancing the skills and innovative capacity of our future generations and fostering sustainable growth of local enterprises in cities where we operate.

    Our KPIs

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    At least 5 learning days will be provided to employees on average every year

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    Business Partners

    HK$250 million will be spent on green procurement in 2025, rising to HK$350 million in 2030

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    Future Skills & Innovation

    HK$300+ million will be invested in startups from 2022 to 2025

  • Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction

    Greenhouse Gas Emissions

    MTR offers a low-carbon solution connecting communities we serve. As an operator of a reliable, efficient and environmentally friendly transportation system, we are playing our part in transiting Hong Kong to a carbon neutral city by 2050. Aside from implementing climate mitigation and adaptation measures, we will continue to incorporate green features and energy efficiency measures in the planning, design, construction and operation of our railway network and properties.

    Our KPIs

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    Carbon Emissions

    Set 2030 Science-based Targets for our railway and property businesses in Hong Kong

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    Clean Energy & Energy Efficiency

    1 million kWh of renewable energy will be generated by 2023

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    Waste Management

    25% of our shopping mall food & beverage tenants will join our food waste reduction programme in 2022

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    Green and Low-carbon Designs

    100% future new stations & new residential development projects will attain BEAM Plus Gold or above certification