Chairman’s Message

ESG is a core part of our Corporate Strategy. I am confident that our three environmental and social objectives will support the sustainable growth of the Corporation and Hong Kong. We shall continue to demonstrate our leadership in ESG by embedding sustainability considerations into all aspects of our business and operations to create long-term and sustainable value for all the communities we serve.

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CEO’S Message

In 2022, the Corporation strengthened its commitment to embedding ESG considerations in our businesses by defining ten commitments and a set of KPIs across our three environmental and social objectives. We have formulated an ESG investment framework and allocated a designated ESG Fund for eligible ESG-focused projects that help achieve our KPIs.

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MTR’s Environmental and Social Objectives

MTR is committed to embedding environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations into our business and operations to create long term value for all of our stakeholders. MTR has set forth three priority areas, namely Social Inclusion, Advancement & Opportunities and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction, to advance our environmental and social objectives, while supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

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Our Sustainability Report

This Sustainability Report provides annual updates on our sustainability-related initiatives, performance and achievements regarding our material issues, as well as our climate-related disclosures. For our management approach to the identified material sustainability issues, please refer to the Management Approach on this Website. This Report and the Website, complementing information available from other publicly accessible information, explain how sustainability is considered and integrated into our business strategies and decision-making processes.

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