Press Releases

Date Title
17/11/2019 East Rail Line Section Between Fo Tan and Tai Po Market Stations Will Resume Operation Tomorrow
15/11/2019 Limited Service Resumes on Northern Section of MTR・s East Rail Line Heavily Damaged University Station Remains Closed
14/11/2019 Continuous Attacks on MTR Network Severely Affect Residents・ Journeys
13/11/2019 MTR Unable to Provide Normal Services Due to Repeated Vandalism by Rioters
12/11/2019 MTR Strongly Condemns Attacks Targeting MTR Stations and Trains
12/11/2019 MTR Offers Free Ride to Elderly on Senior Citizen・s Day
11/11/2019 MTR Strongly Condemns Rioters for Hurling Petrol Bombs into MTR Stations and Trains
10/11/2019 MTR Service Hours Arrangement
10/11/2019 MTR Strongly Condemns Attacks Targeting MTR Stations and Buses
09/11/2019 MTR Corporation Strongly Condemns Attacks Targeting Operating Stations and Vehicles
07/11/2019 MTR Supports International Day of Persons with Disabilities 2019 With Free Rides for Persons with Disabilities this Sunday
03/11/2019 MTR Service Hours Arrangement
02/11/2019 MTR Condemns Rioters for Hurling Petrol Bombs into Operating Station
28/10/2019 Wong Chuk Hang Station Package Four Property Development Tender Award
27/10/2019 MTR Condemns Rioters for Hurling Petrol Bomb into Station
20/10/2019 MTR Condemns Rioters for Setting Fires to Stations Endangering the Safety of Passengers and Staff
19/10/2019 Hong Kong West Kowloon Station
17/10/2019 Handling of Election Advertisements in the Railway Network
17/10/2019 Special Ticketing Arrangements for Passengers using MTR Monthly Pass Extra and MTR City Saver
15/10/2019 MTR Clarifies Various Allegations
14/10/2019 MTR Strongly Condemns Repeated Vandalism of Railway Facilities Resulting in Suspension of Light Rail Service and other rail services
12/10/2019 MTR Condemns Petrol Bomb Attack in Operating Station
09/10/2019 Kwun Tong Station Reopens Tomorrow After Emergency Repairs
08/10/2019 MTR Teams Continue to Make Endeavours to Repair Damaged Facilities to Provide Train Service for the Public
07/10/2019 MTR Teams Are Making Endeavours to Recover Damaged Stations to Maintain Railway Service Where Possible
07/10/2019 MTR Forced to Suspend Service on All Rail Lines due to Malicious Vandalism of Railway Facilities
05/10/2019 Malicious Vandalism at MTR Network Forced Service Suspension on All Rail Lines
04/10/2019 Sustainable Co-working and Co-living Designs on Display at :Art in MTR; Exhibition
01/10/2019 MTR Strongly Condemns Arson at Railway Facilities
29/09/2019 MTR Does Not Tolerate Vandalism or Acts Endangering Railway Safety
26/09/2019 :Early Bird Discount Promotion; Discount Increases to 35% and Includes 9 More Eligible Stations from 2 October 2019
24/09/2019 MTR Sets Up Investigation Panel on East Rail Line Incident
23/09/2019 MTR Celebrates First Anniversary of :Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong; High Speed Rail (Hong Kong Section) with Passengers
22/09/2019 MTR Strongly Condemns Vandalism of Railway Facilities and Arson
21/09/2019 MTR Condemns Vandalism at Light Rail Stops
20/09/2019 MTR Requests Suspension of Building Works near Ho Man Tin Station
17/09/2019 MTR Sets up Investigation Panel to Investigate East Rail Line Incident
16/09/2019 Wong Chuk Hang Station Package Four Property Development Invitation for Expression of Interest
15/09/2019 MTR Strongly Condemns Recurrence of Vandalism at MTR Stations
12/09/2019 MTR Service for Mid-Autumn Festival
10/09/2019 Occurrence at Prince Edward Station on 31 August
08/09/2019 MTR Does Not Tolerate Any Violence or Malicious Act Causing Damage
08/09/2019 Open Letter to passengers from MTR Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
05/09/2019 MTR Strongly Condemns Attacks on Station Staff and Vandalism of Railway Facilities
01/09/2019 MTR Strongly Condemns the Continuous Vandalism at MTR Stations
01/09/2019 MTR Strongly Condemns Malicious Attacks Targeting Railway Stations
30/08/2019 MTR・s Interim Injunction is Extended; Strives to Maintain Smooth Train Operations
26/08/2019 Condemnation of Vandalism of Facilities at MTR Stations
23/08/2019 MTR Obtains Interim Injunction to Restrain Interfering with the Proper Use of the Railway Network
23/08/2019 Condemnation of Vandalism at MTR Stations